Miami HIV Activist, Monester Lee-Kinsler, Runs for Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 3

Miami, FL - 3/27/2020 -- A true leader in the community can possess empathy, inspire others, gain respect, and understand the needs of its people. Monester Lee-Kinsler demonstrates these characteristics in Miami while stirring the hearts and minds of people in District 3 through her Miami-Dade County Commissioner campaign. Kinsler is sick and tired of being sick and tired, as are those around her in District 3. She believes in education of HIV prevention and transmission, assisting displaced tenants through gentrification, assisting youth in transitioning into adulthood, and accommodating the senior population. Kinsler is ready to be the voice to the voiceless, show her "clear vision", and make history in this 2020 election. In order for this historic campaign to be successful, it will require significant financial and physical support from those who want to see this come to fruition and partner with history.

On February 28, 2020, Monester Lee-Kinsler, a Miami-Dade County resident born and raised in Liberty City, officially announced her candidacy to become the leader that puts forth action behind her words and keeps promises to the people of District 3. Kinsler's announcement was received with joy and hope from the people in her neighborhood. One resident exclaimed, "we're tired of politicians coming from wealthy neighborhoods and telling us what we need, when they've never experienced our pain. Thank God someone from our struggle is here to represent us and tell everyone what we really need." Kinsler is well known in her neighborhood and all-around Miami.

Kinsler attended Edison Elementary, Middle, and High School. She had dreams and aspirations to move poverty to prosperity and become a film writer. Kinsler attended Miami-Dade college and transferred to Florida Memorial University where she received her bachelor’s in criminal justice. Looking to further her education, Kinsler enrolled into the Miami Art Institute to study film. With money being an issue, she paused her education and went to look for work. Thinking matters couldn't get any worse, Kinsler's father passed away from HIV transmission. This inspired her to start a non-profit, Leap of Faith, an organization that spreads awareness and resources about HIV prevention and transmission through events, films and workshops in the community.

Kinsler has received support from the Department of Health with her initiative to help the community. She was donated a lifetime supply of condoms. Every weekend she dedicates eight hours to spreading awareness about HIV and handing out contraception all over various cities such as Miami Beach, Liberty City, Little Haiti, etc.

Working in the community has equipped her with the wisdom, respect and the will to make a change. "While we have achieved so much in our County, we remain socially, politically, financially, and racially-divided. My campaign for Miami-Dade County Commissioner is about setting aside our differences and having empathy for families instead of thinking of the greed of our own empire,” Kinsler says.

Many areas of District 3 have been struggling for generations due to jobs leaving the city, citizens being displaced, lack of new residents, young adults moving away, and poverty rates continuing to increase. In August 2012, it has been reported that about 113,802 residents in District 3 are estimated not to have health insurance. That alone is 20% of Miami-Dade County's uninsured. According to the 2012 census, District 3 has one of the highest population densities of individuals below the federal poverty level. Kinsler is addressing these issues with a voice, new leadership and a unique perspective that will be a model to follow for other districts across the nation.

Kinsler says "Now this is the time that she has matched her passion with her purpose. It is time to match action with promises and actually help our people which will benefit future generations to come."

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Additionally, consider supporting the MLK 2020 movement to move from poverty to prosperity by donating $20, $50, or $100. The campaign goal is to raise $30,000 but we will need much more to ensure victory.

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